Rental Equipment


  • 3 Tube cases
  • 2 Pelican cases
  • 2 Rubbermaid cases
  • 1 Toolkit
  • 1 Dolly Frame with accessories
  • 352.5 lbs counterbalance weights



  • Lightweight Carbon Fibre
  • Full HD output
  • Full black levels control
  • 30x or 20x optical zoom
  • Inverted or Upright Mounting
  • Rugged and Weatherproof
  • Internal Wide Angle Converter options

Additional Equipment

  • Remote Camera Panel – control 4 cameras of different types with multiplexed control data
  • Multi-Function Controller mk 2 – The most sophisticated remote head and camera controller available with full control of multiple remote heads and built-in CCU functions for multiple camera types


  • SMPTE Fiber – Various lengths from 25m to 500m for a total of over 5,500m of cable.
  • Tactical Fiber – Tactical 6-fiber single-mode cable in lengths of 160m and 305m.
  • Audio Cable – DT12 fan-out 3-pin XLR in 100m lengths.


  • The HILO platform is designed to provide the cameraman with an easy, safe, and stable platform.
  • Ideally suited for use on uneven terrain or on stadium terracing.
  • Can be set up with 4 different height variations and any Egripment’s seat swivel supports.
  • Adjustable legs eliminate need for wedges or complicated leveling devices.
  • Platform packs into compact sections for easy transportation.


  • Usable with both video and film cameras of medium weight with the speed and mobility of the handheld camera you can still achieve steady pictures.
  • Back and shoulders strain is relieved since camera load is distributed to the hips to help shooter concentrate on the actual filming and for longer periods of shooting.
  • The breathable fabric and ventilated soft padding are comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Unit packs into a Petrol bag for easy shipping.
  • This will be your rental when you do sport events, documentaries or news. Any occasion where handheld camera is required.
  • Easy Rig 400 – supports cameras up to 25 lbs.
  • Easy Rig 500 – supports cameras up to 35 lbs.
  • Tortelrig – supports cameras up to 13 lbs.


  • Silent electric drive
  • Stable platform
  • Repos in minutes
  • Ideal for golf courses, outdoor sport venues, equestrian events






  • 1 to 10 feet in length
  • Audio/Visual Space Saver
  • Great for tight spaces







  • HMI’s – 1200 Fresnels, 1200 Pars, 575 Fresnels.
  • Incandescent – 1 K Fresnels, 1 K Opens,
  • 600 Watt Fresnels, 200 Watt Fresnels
  • Contact DOP Peter Ladiges for any lighting requirements




  • Weather Covers
  • Generators
  • Monitors
  • Furnie Pads
  • Heat Lamps
  • Apple Boxes