Rental Equipment


At Western Jib we package our camera cranes with a rock solid four wheel dolly for easy repositioning, custom weather coverings, and all the tools required for assembly – all this in one, easy-to-ship container! We work hand in hand with shipping brokers to quote you the most competitive rates in the industry, so no matter where you need a crane, we can get it there.

Jimmy Jib

Arm lengths: 6’ | 12’ | 15’ | 18’ | 21’ | 24’ | 30’ | 40’

Max camera weight: 50 lbs

7 Field ready packages: 1 – 18’ pkg | 5 – 30’ pkg |

1 – 40’ pkg

Our Triangle Jimmy Jibs are the industry standard for portable camera cranes. Through our experience operating these cranes, we have developed custom accessories, weather gear, and dollies to make working with our cranes easier and safer, so you can get the shot regardless of the elements. Our Jimmy Jibs can ship in a single standard pallet with everything you will need for assembly and operation, no matter the location.

Jimmy Jib Arm Lengths (Feet)
For-of Pivot Length Aft-of Pivot Length Total Length*
6 3 9
12 3 15
15 3 18
18 6 24
21 6 27
24 6 30
30 9 39
40 9 49

*An additional two feet is needed at the back of the jib for the operator to swing the arm.


Jimmy Jib Light

Arm lengths: 6’ | 9’ | 12’ | 15’ | 18’

Tail lengths: 30” | 42”

Max camera weight: 15 lbs

1 field ready package

When your production calls for jibs shots in tight spaces, our solution is the Jimmy Jib Light. Configurable with side arm operation and a boom length between six and eighteen feet, the Jimmy Jib Light has a foot print only slightly larger than a handheld camera with tripod.




Pole Cam

Arm lengths: 6 to 20 feet

Max camera weight: 7.5 lbs

1 Package field ready package

Small and discreet, this jib is great for small budget productions. Designed for DSLRs, the Pole Cam can carry loads up to 7.5 lbs. This jib can be built in four foot sections to a maximum of 20 feet. The Pole Cam is perfect when you need a cool and creative shot on a low budget.



CamBall 3 Remote Head (with built-in Sony camera)

For areas where the cameras have to be small, simple and powerful, our CamBall 3 PTZ cameras output full HD (HD SDI 1080i). Our CamBalls have been deployed in all sorts of situations: high in the sky on lifts for ultra-wide shots, at water level for swimming, above the ice for curling, and much more. We have eight cameras, fully controllable from a remote location with RCPs and multi-function controllers (controls PTZ, focus, and camera settings). Additional features of our CamBalls include: 20x optical zoom, inverted or upright mounting, ruggedness, and weatherproofing.


Toshiba IK-HD1H POV Camera with RCP

Image Sensor: 3x 1/3″ IT CCD

Signal System: 1080i

Resolution: Horizontal: 800 TV Lines across 56% of screen width (equal 16:9 screen height)

Vertical: 800 TV Lines

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 56 dB (Gain @ 0dB + DNR OFF)

Sync: Internal/External Automatic Switching

Video out: 1x HD-SDI BNC

Control Ports: RS-232C: 9-Pin Female D

Power Requirements: 12 VDC

Power Consumption: 10.3W

Operating Temperature: 32-104°F (0-40°C)

Dimensions (WxHxD): 1.3 x 1.5 x 4″ (3.3 x 3.9 x 4 cm)


Camera Corps HD Minizoom POV Camera with RCP

Image Sensor: 1/3” 2 M pixel CMOS

Scan Format: 1080i/ 50, 59.94; 720p/59.94

Video Outputs: 2x HD-SDI BNC

GenLock: Tri-level sync

Lens: 5.1-51mm (10x zoom), optional 0.5x or 0.7x wide angle adapter

Signal to Noise: >50dB

Power:            6-12V DC 3.8W (approx)

Camera Control Cable Length: Up to 30 meters

Dimensions (WxHxD): 96mm x 49mm x 45mm




A variety of lengths between 25m and 500m, totaling over five kilometers

Tactical Fiber

Tactical 6-fiber, single-mode cable in lengths of 160m or 305m

Audio Mults

DT12 fan-out 3-pin XLR in 100m lengths


Hi-Lo Platform with Swing Seat

The Hi-Lo Platform is designed to provide the camera operator with an easy, safe, and stable platform. Ideally suited for use on uneven terrain or on stadium terracing, it can be set up with four different height variations (1’ | 2.8’ | 3.6’ | 5.6’). Our Hi-Lo swing seat ships in a custom, easy-to-transport, road case.


Electric Carts

Capable of repositioning a jib or camera in minutes, these silent electric carts are ideal for productions such as golf, equestrian, and large outdoor sporting events. They provide a solid and safe operating platform and can get your rig into position on most surfaces.


Easy Rigs

Our Easy Rigs give you the speed and mobility of a handheld camera while maintaining the ability to achieve steady shots. The Easy Rig vest transfers the weight of the camera to your hips and shoulders, allowing for quick and smooth handheld or gimbal shots all day. The rig’s suspension cable can accept cameras up to 55 lbs. and folds up into an easy carrying bag.