The Billy Jib Package

The Billy Jib is a custom Jimmy Jib Light package designed for tight spaces.

Arm length: 6’ | 9’ | 12’

Tail length: 30”

Camera: Sony P1 with Sony 1500 RCP

Accessories: Data snake, breakout boxes, custom skirting





Jib Arm Trailer Package

Arm lengths: 6’ | 9’ | 13’ | 16’ | 19’ | 22’ | 26’ | 29’

Max tail length: 5’

Max camera weight: 50 lbs.

2 Cargo trailer packages

Our CamMate arms are outfitted with Jimmy Jib electronics for reliability and amazing performance. These hybrid jibs travel in our custom cargo trailers for fast and easy setup no matter the weather or location. Our trailers also carry a variety of accessories (including gen-sets) to meet most production needs.

Please note: Because these jibs travel in trailers, they are only able to service Western Canada. Please see our popular Jimmy Jibs for productions throughout all of North America and overseas.





Polecam Medical Rental Package

The Polecam Medical camera apparatus is designed with healthcare education in mind. With a minimal footprint and extended overhead reach, the Polecam Medical is a

versatile tool for capturing top down shots of medical demonstrations and procedures, useful in both teaching and medical review contexts.

The key to the Polecam Medical package is a 30 degree elbow, which allows the camera to reach over the medical team for a clear, unobstructed view of the patient. Our medical rental package


includes a Polecam Medical arm and a Camera Corps HD Minizoom camera, all operated by one of our highly qualified camera operators.

Single camera option: Using the small but powerful mini-camera, the single camera option includes zoom and focus features. This option includes a recording unit, allowing for immediate post-procedure reviews.

Multi-camera option: Equipped with a remote control panel (RCP) for full exposure and paint control, the multi-cam option is capable of outputting full HD from two HD-SDI BNC connectors, and is also equipped with Genlock for live or broadcast productions.