About Us

Bill Bruvold

General Manager & Senior Jib Operator

Considered by many to be among the best jib arm specialists in the business, Bill has more than 25 years’ experience on a long list of television and film productions.Any job, big or small, will gain high marks for production value with Bill on set. He brings creative solutions to every job and clients ask for him again and again.


Peter Ladiges

President & Director of Photography

One of Alberta’s foremost DOPs, Peter has a shelf full of national and international awards! He brings three decades of experience to every project and they are all better for it!
Peter started his career at CFCN Lethbridge, then moved onto bigger, better things in Calgary, Alberta. Since then, he’s been in high demand as a videographer. Clients appreciate his creative eye, and he’s known for his quick thinking and time-management. Pete gives directors what they need, quickly and expertly.


Chris Lindeburg

Senior Jib Operator

Got a special look you want for your project, but you’re not sure how to achieve it? Chris is your man for the challenging location, crazy deadline and unique creative approach!
Chris delivers world-class operating skills along with an easy-going and relaxed approach. He loves a challenge and his many repeat clients ask for him when they want something really special.


Nash Brogden

Marketing Manager & Junior Jib Operator

A recent graduate of the Radio, Television, and Broadcast News program at SAIT polytechnic in Calgary, Alberta, Nash’s passion for media production started young. With his focus on being a jib operator, Nash brings creativity through camera movement.
Nash has lots of experience as a TVA and camera operator for live sports, as well as some work as a DoP for commercials, music videos, and corporate productions. He brings a hardworking and peppy attitude to every production and won’t settle for anything less than the perfect shot.